Many of our students grow up without ever leaving their neighborhood. When students see that they have options in life, they get excited about their future. CIS summer internships expose students to different possibilities and help them discover their potential career path and achieve in life.

CIS Summer Internships provide high school juniors and seniors with job readiness, career preparedness, life and leadership skills, and exposure to professional work environments to prepare them for the future.  

All of CIS’ internships are paid opportunities. Many of our students use this money to support their families and save for college.

  • CIS Summer Legal Internship Program in partnership with the Houston Bar Association

    • Provides an 8-week learning experience for CIS high school juniors and seniors to intern at Houston area law firms, corporate legal departments, and public interest agencies.

"The essence of the HBA/CIS partnership is simple; we are working together providing enriching environments in which at-risk students can work, learn, and be inspired by legal professionals. One student at a time, we empower young minds, instill confidence, and teach the values of persistence and determination. Each individual success is cause for celebration of the program-- as these young person's represents our City’s future professionals." - Tanya Urban, Executive Director and Business Development, Gibbs & Bruns LLP

  • CIS Summer Nursing Internship Program in partnership with Houston Methodist Hospital (with Smithwood Medical Institute) and CHI St. Luke’s Health Hospital

    • Provides recent high school graduates with a dynamic, hands-on experience of the nursing profession. Through a certification process, students work within hospitals over the summer, completing hands-on training and developing valuable skills to benefit them in their futures.

  • Judwin Properties Internship Program

    • Provides an 8-week program in the field of property management where students have the opportunity to work in leasing and management or property maintenance. Students develop skills in the areas of customer relations, marketing, service, management, and communications. Students work on-site at several apartment complexes throughout the Houston area.

  • LEEP with Lazarus Energy

    • Provides a paid year-long internship to expose high school students to the broad spectrum of jobs available in the energy industry, along with providing professional life and leadership development that will prepare the interns for the world of work and success in whatever field they ultimately choose. Student interns also receive dual credit hours at HCC.

The first time I interned with CIS through the legal field at the law firm, I realized they’re paying me really well and this pays the bills. I can help my mom and take the burden off of her. The law firm specifically ask me to come back, and they hired me. Never did I think I was going to be making this kind of money at this age.
— Larry, CIS Alumni
This program has most certainly motivated me to further my education and pursue a career in nursing. I am more excited than ever to start college and I cannot wait to become a nurse someday.
— Sarah, CIS Alumni